More cool collographs

sea urchins
I thought you might like to see some more of the collographs I printed last weekend. The first two were done with impasto medium. The first one represents sea urchins on the sea floor and the second a tubular sponge – this one is a bit bright for my taste, but with collographs, you never quite know till they come off the press.

I have got some more images now and started to make some more collograph plates to print at the end of July when I have another Sunday with Seraphina.

As well as my ship ones, I’m going to do a series of Queens (we’re talking people here, not ships).tubular sponge I have a collograph of Queen Elizabeth the First – that was the old collograph I was making more prints from.There are such wonderful decorative papers that I want to use, and many of them are not suitable for the ‘shipwrecks and the undersea’ theme. So I’m going to make more Tudor ladies – wives of Henry VIII and so forth.

The image I mentioned in my previous post – that was on the Sydney Gallery School website…… that one is an etching – not a collograph. It’s subject is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Mine was called “Botanical”, because I did it with botanicals – a bunch of camomile held by an angel, deadly nightshade held by a skelton, and tobacco Wahineplant together with a smoker. Here is a direct link to it.  My other old collographs that were done at the Sydney Gallery School, also under Seraphina’s tuition, can be found here.

This sinking ship is another one printed for the first time last Sunday. Any New Zealander will know which ship this is – the Wahine, which went down in Wellington Harbour 40 years ago. I was in Wellington that day. In fact I had sailed on the Wahine a number of times, & my boyfriend around that time was an engineer for the Union Steamship Company. I knew one of the people who died, and New Zealand being the small place it is, I knew a few other passengers as well. Both the Wahine plate and the next one, of a wreck on the beach, use textured papers as well as impasto medium.

So now you’ve seen all the new collographs, and you have a link to my old ones. Next, I’ll be posting some drawings again. I beat myself up for not drawing much – but you can’t make collographs and draw simultaneously, more’ the pity.

If you’re still not clear what a collograph is, click on my GLOSSARY at the top of the page.


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4 responses to “More cool collographs

  1. I was on the NZ Interislander ferry a few weeks ago and so many people were talking about the sinking of the Wahini – I think it was the anniversary, but I felt I didn’t need so much information while I was out on Cook Strait in rough seas. I do like your collographs- we’ll have to have a meeting where you see my Dan Essig books and I see your collographs and etchings.

  2. These Wahine prints are absolutely stunning, Wendy. I adore them! Congratulations on your new blog too. It’s off to a great start.

    Our past paths have crossed quite a bit it seems – one of my first assignments as a young journalist at the NZBC in Wellington was to cover the Wahine inquiry.

  3. I love these, I’ve only done one colograph but they are so much fun, despite how diffucult they are to wipe! And yours are beautiful. I love the colors you use…

  4. Wonderful art! I particularly like the ships ;)


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