Painting flowers in inks

anna_lilyThese are all students’ paintings, not my own. I haven’t finished my own yet, nor photographed it. All these are also incomplete, except perhaps for the top one (at least I think the top one is complete.) I taught this workshop a week or so ago, at Sydney Community College.

It’s a technique where you pour the inks onto wet blank paper – stretched watercolour paper – and you turn it into a painting.  It was a small class, only 6 students, and just as well when I saw how much space we all needed. Unless we can find a bigger room, it won’t be offered again. Each student needs that space.

jacqi_orchids1I was absolutely delighted with these paintings. It is a mixed media piece. You first pour, then you draw. After that you paint with acrylics, pour ink again, paint again, and finally finish with coloured pencils. All these paintings are in the coloured pencil phase.

I learnt this technique from Rae Andrews, ajosien Ausralian artist who used to visit here regularly when she lived in Hawaii, but now lives in Texas. She’s a great teacher, so if you ever get the opportunity don’t miss out.

We used Matisse inks. They are really the Rolls Royce of inks, and have sooo much pigment in them, that we had to use Ink Extender to make them a little less strong in some cases. They give a very different result to other inks, as you get a much less vibrant look -more soft pastels – with other brands.jan_orchids1

As I say, these works are still incomplete. In most cases, the artists are still applying finishing touches.  Even so, I’m going to stop rattling on and let the paintings stand for themselves.wisteria

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4 responses to “Painting flowers in inks

  1. sliloh

    They are all gorgeous! ;)


  2. I’m wondering how much they visualise what they intended up front or where they catching serendipity?

  3. These are so inviting. I keep looking at the Matisse products in my art supply catalogs and just wonder where to start. (I still love my liquid pencils.)

  4. I am a flower lover and these ink works are very inspiring .I do a similar types of work and have used colour pencils ,the detail you cn create is outstanding and visually stunning

    Hans Roland

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