Solar plate etching


A couple of weeks ago I went to David Wilsher’s exhibition on an old ferry at Blackwattle Bay. David, who teaches drawing at the Sydney Community College was successful in gaining a residency on this old ferry. What a treasure trove of images in that area. I took many photos on the day, but the sun was high in the sky, and a week later we went to take photos at 9 a.m.

bollardsThe last two Saturdays, I did a solar plate etching course with Seraphina Martin. Fantastic! Last week we made four plates and this week we printed them in various ways. The first and second ones  have been inked up a la poupee (different colour inks on different areas).  They are also both photographic, with a bit of Photoshop, then after they were printed onto acetate I worked into them with a stylus.

The last one has been inked up  in a dark brown  and pome_stencilviscosity printed. The first colour roll (the blue) was masked with torn paper, then it was rolled with a blend.  This one was drawn onto architects drafting film with Liquid Pencil, then some stronger darks were put in with a very thick propelling pencil.

I am really pleased with these three. Now I know the process I can’t wait to get some more solar plates and make some at home.

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6 responses to “Solar plate etching

  1. Hi Quirky! Thanks for stopping by so I could know you’re here. The little flower reduction was finished the next day, but check out the insane 10 color reduction from the week before.

    I really like these solar plates. I’ve never used them, but a friend here is getting into them, so I’ll probably stop by and see what he’s up to.

  2. Karen

    Wendy, I just love these! Especially the first two because, as you know, I am really into appreciating such subject matter these days.

    The solar plate etching process has always intrigued me and gradually I am learning more about it although perhaps will never get around to actually trying it.

    With absolutely no education of any kind in the arts there is so much I am lacking and could have learned…maybe still can. These images make me certainly want to!

    Thanks! : )

  3. Those look great! I had to go google this to see what it is exactly it is. I’d like to give this a try ;)


  4. Wendy, that first print is stunning and I’m intrigued by them all. I just don’t want to get excited by yet another form of printmaking – having enough trouble focusing as it is!

  5. Good for you. ‘d like to exchange some technical notes – like what inks are your using. And do visit my own blog (with which I’m struggling) just posted 3 new solar etchings…
    I’m the guy Sherry York referred to above on your blog comments list…

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