Cubist painting with Matisse Dry Mediums

bread_wineI started this painting some time ago. We decided to make a project sheet for doing a cubist painting with Matisse Dry Mediums. I’d painted this cubist painting at the Easter Show, so I had to do another one so that we could photograph it step by step. Here’s how this painting started out. I got sidetracked by all the watercolour pencil drawings I was doing for Kate Johnston’s Watercolour Pencil Class. Finally it got done now, and the project worksheet won’t be long.

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Filed under acrylics, collage, Matisse Derivan, painting

4 responses to “Cubist painting with Matisse Dry Mediums

  1. What a great 3D feel to this one! I really like the earthy stuff that goes around it, and it’s just so pleasant to look at :)

  2. anntnem

    The texture on this is really interesting. As Alex said, ‘earthy’ but it almost has a metallic sheen to it. Seems like the dry mediums will lend themselves to lots of possibilities. Cool painting too :-)

  3. caseytoussaint

    This is a really cool painting, Wendy! Thanks for the tutorial, and I am on the lookout for Matisse medium.

  4. Wendy – this is so unusual. The texture and multilayered effect is great

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