Arabella Woolly

This is Arabella Woolly, a rescue cat about 12 years ago. Found in a park with 4 kittens, under a year old herself. She has always been very self-possessed, and would greet people nicely. However it took her 2 years to purr and about 8 years to decide she liked me. It is only this year she has begun to jump up beside me on the bed, and only this week that she’s stayed longer than a minute. She has long black fur like a Persian , but the body type and face of a moggy. She knew she was posing, but unfortunately she decided to hold the wrong pose, – that’s why the ear isn’t placed quite right. Nothing would make her move her head though. Still, I think I have captured the look of concentration and the pricked up ears caused by the screeching birds.

I used a 2b propelling pencil, Tombow for the eye colour, Micron Pigma for the Black in the eye and one of those white pens (Uno, is it? ) for the highlight in the eye, and a watercolour pencil for the pink in the ear. Mixed media!

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Filed under cats, drawing, graphite pencils, journal, sketching, tombow pens

4 responses to “Arabella Woolly

  1. Wendy, she’s lovely! What a great story about her, and she’s one lucky cat. Have a wonderful New Year and I hope 2010 is really good to you.

  2. AutumnLeaves

    Fabulous use of mixed media! I love her look, that eye is delightful…Another great journal page!

  3. Sounds like she has a great life.

    I scrolled down to see your recent work…great sketches that I missed.

    Hope your holidays are great and that 2010 is good to you!

  4. csgebhart

    I love this – of course, I love cats, and you’ve really captured her well.

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