Australian Reverse Piano Hinge

This is my most recent book. I made it in a rush last week because I wanted to show it to someone who I saw on Friday. The cover is French suede paper that comes in squillions of the most amazing and glorious colours and is not expensive. At first it ‘appeared to’ mark, but I just brushed it with my hand and the marks went away. You can get it at Artwise, so share with a  friend and buy several sheets – they’re big sheets.

This structure comes from Gwen Diehn who is known for her excellent books on keeping a journal. This structure will be in her new book, coming out in a few months. She was kind enough to give us a preview. Thank you so much Gwen.

The advantage of this structure is that it can be taken apart to remove pages without difficulty, and put together again. It is perfect for printmakers, or sketchers who may want to remove a sketch to sell.

This book is about 19cm and square-ish. It is made from BFK Rives paper, each sheet divided into 6 pieces. There are 9 signatures, each of two folios. Because of the thickness of the paper, at first I had a little difficulty putting it together. I then got my secret weapon (bamboo skewers) and used that to put the whole structure together, then to encourage the ‘pins’ to go where they should.

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4 responses to “Australian Reverse Piano Hinge

  1. Wendy – I love it!! What beautiful book cloth for the cover – and the inside looks like mine. I took out the bone to show my journal group how to remove a page and had trouble getting it back in!

  2. AutumnLeaves

    What a beautiful cover, Wendy! I’ve seen books put together with bamboo skewers before on a craft show. Alas, I cannot remember the details. I don’t think I could do a book though. I would rather support those who do! LOL (Talk about lazy!)

  3. How wonderful! So glad you alerted me to GD’s new book…I think I have all of her adult books and just pre-ordered the new one…have long loved her work. That paper is very intriguing too!

  4. michele

    ah man i can not figure out the pin hinge thing, please somebody help me figure this out!

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