Pyrmont Art Prize – my painting

This is my painting for the Pyrmont Art Prize which is next weekend. I LOVE the Pyrmont Art Prize. It is a one-day show, out in the open with entertainment and it gets better every year. The reason I love it it that it is accessible to everyone. It costs $20 to enter, but for that price you are given a canvas 30cm (12″) square. Everybody paints the same size. There are no entry criteria and no theme. I always so something from my local area which is not so far from Pyrmont. This is last year’s entry (SOLD) , and this (also sold) is another in the same series.

I need more time to paint, but I am always drawing. Sometimes I am also making books and in the winter I am sometimes making collographs and solar plates. The only thing for it is to start another painting immediately. Though this is why drawings have been a bit thin on the ground recently. How do I achieve a balance?

I used Matisse Open Medium for this painting. I trialled it with the previous two paintings but now it is in the shops and available to everyone. It makes the paint handle a little more like oil paint and makes it slower to dry while not losing the impasto quality of the paint. I use it for all my paintings now.

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4 responses to “Pyrmont Art Prize – my painting

  1. This is a wonderful picture, Wendy. I see that you mention channeling Jeffrey Smart in one of the previous works. Funny because, even this is YOUR brilliant work, I can see his influence – even from this distance. I have a lovely book of his landscapes which was a gift from a friend in your neck-of-the-world.

    Since talent is not the issue, am wishing you bedt of luck with this. : )

  2. (oops….sorry for the typos in previous message)

  3. AutumnLeaves

    All three of these paintings reminded me of Karin Jurick’s view from her hotel room rooftop challenge. I am constantly amazed at what artists can do to turn what might not be traditionally thought of as beautiful into such gorgeous pieces of art. You are no exception, Wendy. All of your artistic interests remind me of myself – the difference being that you can execute all of them beautifully. Much as I love all your artwork, I really enjoy your sketchbook work. It keeps you flowing, I think. (I’ve hit a snag after three four pieces/pages! LOL)

  4. What a great idea for an art show! Very clever.

    And I love all of your entries from this and previous years. They are fabulous.

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