Virtual Paintout – Stavanger, Norway – and a book recommendation

This is the drawing for March for the Virtual Paintout – destination Stavanger Norway. I want to draw as many buildings as possible till I do them not only better but faster. This was first in pen and watercolour, then I decided that all these little blocks of colour would be quicker with watercolour pencils. That was OK till I wet the wcp, but then the Indiathrene Blue that was on the water was tooooo violet. So I used Prismacolour pencils (not watercolour) to put greens and turquoises over the blue.

Over Christmas I read the best book I’ve read in ages. It was We Are All Made of Glue by Marina Lewycka – she’s already famous for having written A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. I’ve read both now, – they’re both funny, but I think the ‘glue’ one is amazing.  It really brightened up my Christmas. Christmas Day itself was a bit trying, so on Boxing Day it was bliss to have this wonderful book to read. On Monday night I went to hear the author speak – she’s here from England for the Adelaide Writers’ Festival. She was all you could hope for – she did three readings from the book and then took questions.

What’s the book about? We’ll, it’s about a younger woman and a very old woman. The younger woman’s husband has gone – she’s put his belongings out in the street in a skip and she finds the old woman delving among his possessions. Very shortly afterwards the old woman has a fall, ends up in hospital and names the younger woman as her next of kin. This is where it starts.  It’s a very funny book, but with a serious back-story.

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5 responses to “Virtual Paintout – Stavanger, Norway – and a book recommendation

  1. Ann

    Fantastic drawing! The colors especially appeal to me. Thanks for the book recommendation too.

  2. AutumnLeaves

    So glad you posted your Stavanger painting here, Wendy. I was enthralled with it when I saw it over on the VPO blog. The water is brilliantly handled (I so haven’t figured out what the heck I do wrong and how to do it right.) The book sounds like one I’d enjoy so much! I have to write it down and keep my eyes open for it! Thanks!

  3. I stumbled across your quite quite by accident – and very glad I did too! What a lovely and inspiring blog! I love sketches, far more than finished paintings and yours are really quirky!

  4. Absolutely charming, Wendy. It looks just like the way I remember Norway, although I’ve never been to Stavanger. Now I want nothing more than to go over to virtual paintout and participate in this month’s challenge.

  5. Gorgeous. One of my faves from Stravanger. I love how the water came out, funny that it was almost an accident. Wonderful work.

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