Liquid Pencil leaves

I was inspired by this drawing to try liquid pencil with washes of colour. There are two kinds of liquid pencil –  permanent and rewettable. Because I knew I was going to wash over it, this time I used the permanent. Using the blue, I painted a tonal grisaille from a photo.

The reason I chose the blue is that in my new book,  Moira Huntly’s Sketchbook Secrets there is a great drawing in blue of an umbrella plant with only some of the leaves coloured. For the washes in my drawing I used the three primaries, and mixed greens that were very heavy on the yellow to compensate for the blue already on the page.

It took me a long time and I got bored with it, given that it is only postcard size. I was demonstrating at the Royal Easter Show on Sunday, so I took it along and finished it before I did any other work.

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One response to “Liquid Pencil leaves

  1. AutumnLeaves

    Love your painting, Wendy. I got so carried away with visiting the links in this wonderful post, that I forgot to leave a comment! I’m still trying to remember to look up your pen brush things online! Liquid graphite is just too much thinking this a.m.! LOL

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