Kookaburras at the Easter Show

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I took my new Liquid Pencil set to demonstrate with at the Royal Easter Show, so I had the full range to choose from. I also took a bunch of my own  photos as source material. I decided to do some kookaburras, as I had a few different photos of them. I particularly liked the one with his right side all in shadow, so I did several of him. We were given some new brushes to test, and each of these was done with a different brush.  Two of the brushes were quite large (a 16 and a 24) but they were rounds with a good point so it wasn’t a problem although I was only working at postcard size. All these were done with the rewettable sepia and blue and they’re on watercolour paper – great for lifting out either highlights or mistakes.  The only exception is the one that has bright turquoise on his wings and that is acrylic Matisse Cobalt Teal. Love that colour!

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One response to “Kookaburras at the Easter Show

  1. Great colors and now I know what a ‘kookaburra’ is. I remember both my kids learning a song with that word in it when they were in kindergarten and I’d never heard it before, nor knew what it was! Lovely splash of color with that teal, Wendy.

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