Tenerife – Virtual Paintout

I went to Tenerife in 1973. I was on a ship that called into Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it was raining. In the afternoon we went on a bus tour over the mountains to  Puerto de la Cruz. It was hot and sunny there. I remember as the road rose out of Santa Cruz seeing slums and poverty. It seems to have all changed. Spain, of course was a lot poorer generally in those days. However in my hunt for somewhere to draw, I found that Tenerife seems to be solid apartments or town houses.   Probably holiday apartments, or occupied all year round by English people.  This is 4 Calle de la Cruz de Almáciga (see it on Google Street View). It is along the coast road west of Puerto de la Cruz.

Watercolour pencil of Fabriano Cold Press.

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2 responses to “Tenerife – Virtual Paintout

  1. Wendy, this is simply stunning. Your work is always so beautiful.

  2. Wendy – Obviously it’s been too long since I visited your blog, since you have so many things posted that I didn’t see before. I love the liquid pencil pieces below of the bird and the leaves. Lovely!!

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