I bought this little lamp in Suva on one of my long holidays staying with a friend who was living there at the time.I guess it originally comes from India. I thought it would be fun to draw and it was.

My friend would be at work, and when I wasn’t swimming in the pool at the Fiji Club (and pressing the buzzer set into the palm tree for a drink) I’d be combing all the Indian shops in the town.

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Filed under drawing, EDiM, journal, pen and wash, sketching, watercolour

7 responses to “Lamp

  1. I wish I could look at art as fun. I used to do that. Now I’m so caught up in how awful I am at it. You did this lamp beautifully, Wendy. The vacation sounds to die for!

  2. Both of your EDiM pics are great, I look forward to seeing what you can do the rest of the month. This lamp is really pretty.

  3. very elegant and nice looking lamp. I can only imagine how pretty the lights it projects when you light it up in a dark room =) Very nice sketch!

  4. Looks like you are having a nice time in Fiji. Your sketchbook could be filling up fast. Lovely sketch!

  5. Great start to the EDM in May project. I love how you did the shoe, and the lamp is just lovely! nancy

  6. Beautiful lamp! And great job sketching it!

  7. Nice sketch to go with a nice memory! I had to do with the lamp next to our TV because the kids wouldn´t let me leave the room…

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