Fish Sauce

I chose this bottle of fish sauce for the graphic qualities of the red label against the nearly black sauce. And not too much complications to draw on the label either!
Ayam Brand is an Indonesian brand. Ayam means chicken. I was surprised how much of their stuff I have. I do love Asian food, particularly Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.
I stamped it with my chop that I had carved in 1982 at a Hangzhou Calligraphers’ Guild. Unfortunately though I have two lots of ink, they have dried up and I need more.

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Filed under drawing, EDiM, journal, sketching, watercolour

3 responses to “Fish Sauce

  1. Nicely done! I too love asian food, I rarely cook it at home though, I just haven’t learned how to.

    Was it hard to carve your own stamp?

  2. quirkyartist

    I didn’t carve it myself. They had arranged for the calligraphers to carve them for us, and they translated our names. My chop is a baby water buffalo(on the top) .

  3. Amazing how this bottle just seems to jump off the page. Well done!

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