More solar plate etchings from last weekend

Here are more solar plate etchings I printed last weekend. The bins are from photos I took in the factory where the Matisse and Derivan acrylic paints are made. They are just wonderfully textured and coloured from a myriad layers of rivulets of acrylic paint dripping on them over the years. I thought the texture would be fun to use on a solar plate. Once I had the photo transferred to acetate, I drew into the dark areas around the bins. The one with the yellow is viscosity printed, with part of the image masked while they yellow roller was rolled over it. The other image only had the roller with the blend.

The little machine is from a drawing I did on the harbour at Blackwattle Bay a couple of years ago. I traced it onto architects drafting film with a pen, then I put some tones in with Liquid Pencil.

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2 responses to “More solar plate etchings from last weekend

  1. I really like the one with the yellow bin–it looks great against the turquoise of the other one. The way you’ve achieved a look that many others might just turn to Photoshop for is admirable and inspiring. (Thanks for your suggestion on my blog re credit card and paste papers!)

  2. These have such great color and texture to them!

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