Ball of wool

Draw something round. I was just sorting out scraps of wool for a friend, so I decided to draw the wool from the beanie I just knitted myself. This ball of wool is not indicative of the colour of the beanie, because it was a VERY multicoloured ball.

I’ve never been a beanie person, but last winter, going sketching in the Australian Museum through all the wind and rain,. it occurred to me that it would be nice to have something to put on my head to keep my hair dry for when I get there. Hence the beanie. Only a coincidence that the wool matched the background.

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Filed under collage, drawing, EDiM, Lamy Safari, sketching, Uncategorized, watercolour

2 responses to “Ball of wool

  1. I am so loving the color washed backgrounds. This is my favorite page so far; the composition, the colors, all come together magically!

  2. Gosh your really quick with these sketches/paintings and it’s cool


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