It rained all week last week and by the end of it I had cabin fever. I spent the time drawing my cats among other things.

Casper is a blue point Himalayan and Arabella is a half-Persian. She’s the boss. She beats up poor Casper all the time, but he still comes up and wants to give her a little lick. With these two cats, whatever I wear, the cat fur shows. It’s strange how most black pants are magnetic to cat fur.

By Thursday I’d had enough of the rain and went into the city with a friend & sheltered in the shops. Bought some beautiful new black boots and a smartphone. Expensive day out, but not unplanned purchases.

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Filed under cats, drawing, graphite pencils, Lamy Safari, sketchbook, sketching, watercolour pencils

3 responses to “Casper

  1. Both cats are beautiful! I wish we’d get MORE rain. I so love it. It is thundering outside right now, rained a few spatters, and the birds are singing. I wish, hope, and pray that it lingers. Helps cool down this miserable heat!

  2. Expressions on the cat drawings are awesome =)

  3. I love the expressions too. Sounds like a fun shopping day. It’s grey here this morning so I’m thinking of going to to plant nursery to for summer flowers for the terrace pots.

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