Me and the Beanstalk

A flowering beanstalk is poking its head above the fence.  Back in May, I told you about the thriving little vegetable garden on the empty block next door. At that time it was pumpkins coming over the fence. All last summer I was supplied with beans by this generous man, so it looks as if more may be coming this next summer.

My original intention was just to draw the plant and the fence. Then I decided that if I drew the background also, I could put the sketch on the Urban Sketchers blog.  We are having perfect winter weather at the moment ,so I used plenty of Cerulean Blue on the sky to indicate the true colour. The building in the far background (centre) is the multi storey Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

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Filed under drawing, Lamy Safari, Newtown, sketchbook, sketching, urban landscape, watercolour

3 responses to “Me and the Beanstalk

  1. Love your work. Love your subject matter. Love your colors.

  2. The light greens and blues of the center stalk’s leaves are just gorgeous, Wendy. This is such a wonderful piece altogether!

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