Sketching Newtown Coffee Shops (3) -Hoochie Mamma

Coloured cups! Hallelujah. I struck gold at Hoochie Mamma. It’s next to the big medical centre at the corner of Missenden Rd and Carillon Avenue. It’s a modern building – a large coffee shop. I’d been past it many times. From now on I’ll be going IN. The cups were a beautiful tawny orange, the coffee was great, and the caramel slice (made by Hoochie Mamma) was to die for. I had bypassed two other coffee shops as having white cups and visually uninteresting food. This was my last chance before the medical centre. At Hoochie Mamma, there’s a vast choice of things that look so yummy but will be great to draw. I had given myself a special dispensation for chocolate because of having an appointment at the medical centre. Now that’s carved in stone that I can eat what I want at Hoochie Mamma if I have to go there again.

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2 responses to “Sketching Newtown Coffee Shops (3) -Hoochie Mamma

  1. Liz

    wow!!! enjoying this series!!! will have to come to Newtown on one of my ‘art work days’ (btw one of the advantages of drinking tea is at least you have more variety in objects although the cups are normally white – not sure that made sense!)

  2. Love the way you think, and? You already know I love your sketches!

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