Solar prints – the Lion & Autumn

Oh yes more solar plate etchings. I went craaaazy at Seraphina’s Printfest. I wait all year for these three winter Sundays, so I’ve got to make the most of them.

These two plates are also from my drawings last summer at the Botanic Gardens, however they’ve been altered a little. The autumn statue was transferred to the drafting film with pen, but instead of transferring the background from my sketchbook (gum blossoms) I transferred banksia from a different drawing & I did it with a big soft pencil that gives a softer line for the background.

The lion got much the same treatment. In my sketchbook he has a    Sydney Harbour/Botanic Gardens panorama, but in the solar plate I’ve drawn the actual background where he sits in the Oriental Garden.  A bit mix and match. Again I’ve used pen for the lion and pencil for the background.

I used green ink (new!) to ink up the autumn statue, and for the first lion I used yellow deep (also new) – suitable Gardens colours. You can see the yellow in the lions’ mane and on the curlicues on his legs. I love printing in all these bright colours.

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2 responses to “Solar prints – the Lion & Autumn

  1. Love the new green ink and the blue is also pretty darned lovely. I get caught up in your enthusiasm for these solar prints.

  2. I am loving all of your solar print etchings. A technique I will have to look. I’ve not heard of it before.
    They have such a surreal feeling. As if looking at the world through colored glass.
    Looking forward to next year!

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