Finally got out there last week and sketched the churchyard again. The view of the sandstone church steeple over the graffitied sandstone wall is what I see as I cross the park to walk to the shops. I’ve been meaning to draw it for ages. The church steeple doesn’t actually lean to one side, but that’s what you get when your sketchbook is perching on your knee.

St Stephen’s is a historic church, and the park at the end of my street used to be the graveyard. Very near is Goth Central and also Graffiti Central, so the old gravestones get vandalised, and lean at all angles, and the wall is covered in graffiti. It’s a very picturesque area and I plan to be out there again soon, weather permitting.

I had fun throwing on a bit of colour – magenta, brilliant alizarin etc. There was quite a bit of colour in the old gravestones. I’d wanted to draw some flowers rather than the top right monument, but there were none there. You’d have thought it would be peaceful in the graveyard but the volunteers were there tidying it up & one of them had a whippersnipper.

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2 responses to “Churchyard

  1. Such beautiful sketches, Wendy. I love visiting cemeteries, especially the older ones. Here in the U. S. you sometimes see headstones that hold a photo of the loved one in life. Truly amazing to see, to my mind. I always have such respect for those who have gone before and wonder at their lives and stories. We all have them and it makes me happy to know that at least someone cares enough to want to know about their lives.

  2. I am from the deep south, in South Carolina. You can walk the old graveyards there and find many tombstones that are/were painted very bright colors. It was thought that the bright colors kept evil spirits away. There are also many houses that are painted these really bright colors, for the same reason.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Gullah. But from what I understand most of the Gullah believed in these traditions.

    again, I am awed by your use of watercolor. I think I will have to take a class.

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