Zoo – Day 1 – morning

Recently the Sunday paper had two-for-the-price-of-one vouchers for Taronga Park Zoo. They are valid till the end of November, so I rushed up to the shop and bought a few extra papers. I hadn’t been to the zoo for years and years. It is normally very expensive.

We had perfect weather. Took our folding chairs – however we had to stand to draw the giraffes. They are so elegant – the way they move. I only wish I could do them justice. You can see from the photo that they have the best real estate in Sydney.

From there we went to the elephants - there were two mothers and babies, but although they don’t seem to move much, they constantly shift about.  I have a wonderful very old book full of drawings of animals and the artist says that elephants are the most difficult to draw because they are constantly changing position from one foot to another.  They also stood quite far away from us in a patch of shade, because it was getting quite hot in the sun by then.

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