Zoo – Day 1 (afternoon)

We arrived at the gorilla enclosure just as the keeper talk was ending. I should mention that the zoo is Stroller City. Not only that, but full of school groups of very small children. All the little darlings shriek at once, so arriving when they leave is a great bonus.

The gorilla enclosure is quite large, but there are a lot of them, so plenty of opportunity to draw. The one on the top left was sitting at quite a distance, and he seemed to be the boss. I’ve drawn the expression on his face as far more benevolent than it was. I liked ‘The Thinker’ in the middle – that seemed to be a pose they liked too. The one at bottom left appeared to be pregnant.

After drawing the gorillas we had time for lunch on a lawn with a beautiful tree. Although we were there to draw the animals, we couldn’t leave without drawing the tree as well.

On our way back we wandered into the lemur enclosure – well, they are behind a pane of glass. This cheeky little person came and sat right in front of me for some time – so close I could have touched him and rested his paws on the wood that supported the glass.   These ringtail lemurs are my absolute favourite. Their tails are so long & when they walk around they carry them upright, but curled like a question mark. I could watch them for hours. There are five of them according to the zoo article but they are so cheeky and entertaining that it seems like more.

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