Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Last weekend on a rainy day our venue for the “Keeping a Sketchbook” class was Hyde Park Barracks Museum. We had hoped to be out and about, but the rain sent us inside. The museum is a great place to sketch. I’ve only been there once before and I was very happy to go back. This sketch is the corridor on the top floor and the hammock room is off to the left. I sat on the floor with my back against the wall to do this one and I was happy to see that the perspective reflects that.

We had just come from the hammock room. Last time I was there, I’d come from sketching on the 2nd floor and I was presented with a view of several pairs of red shoes. My sketching friends were lying in the hammocks sketching the ropes. I wanted to do that, and I also wanted red shoes (I now have two pairs.) So this time we did lie in the hammocks to sketch. Another visitor came and had a lie down too. It’s a great way to spend a wet morning.

Our first stop had been the room with all the convict tools on the wall. It is a huge wall and they are many and varied with wonderful shadows. As it was our week to think about tonal values, they were just perfect. There’s a convenient little ledge to perch on right opposite. I didn’t realise that I’d sketched some of the same tools as last time. Much bigger and quite different. It is always interesting to go back and sketch the same thing again.


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  1. beautiful sketches. Love the one before with the ships too. I think they are awesome!

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