Gelli gelli – homage to Bridget Riley

On Easter Saturday I decided to have a hunt around for more mark making tools for my Gelli plate. In the bottom of the linen cupboard I had a bag of scraps of elaborate fabrics that had been used for making theatrical costumes. There were many types of lace and netting. I have got myself a little stash especially for Gelli, and I started to make prints.This first one was made using scraps of gold and silver metallic net. It immediately suggested to me the work of Bridget Riley. You can probably see why if you look at these images. 

I went on to make some more with different types of net (including finally the good old onion bag). You might have to enlarge the last print to see the fine mesh of the netting on that one, but it reminds me an eclipse (or several). With that one I also invented a ‘new technique’. I’d put a little too much paint on my plate and I got the dreaded candlewicking efffect. Unwilling to let that spoil what otherwise might have been a good print, I wiped the candlewicked  edges of the shapes with a Chux cloth. Much to my surprise I didn’t lose the shapes – it just softened the edges.

Autumn seems to be there now (some days). Today there’s a chilly wind.  I’m finding myself singing ‘Gelli gelli is the evening time’. Do you know what the song is?

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2 responses to “Gelli gelli – homage to Bridget Riley

  1. These are wonderful, Wendy. If only I’d know to ask you about Gelli plates! ;)

    • Wendy… what is the song? Very curious! Awesome prints!! Would you send me to jpegs so I can post on facebook as a photo album? I’ll put a link to the blog too. Thanks!

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