Cockatoo Island & materiality

On Easter Monday we were off to Cockatoo Island again. Another beautiful sunny day but feeling the chill in the morning breeze now.

This first sketch is the spot that probably epitomises Cockatoo Island for me. Usually I walk past going from one side of the island to the other – this time we stopped.   I love this little area!

Just before Easter, Art on King Facebooked that they had the full range of colours in the Copic Multiliner SP pens. I bought myself two as an Easter present to myself.  I used one for the first time in the first sketch. The colour is ‘wine’,  with tones washed in with ultramarine watercolour. Love it!

A little while ago I blogged about materiality being my word of the year. It meant that I plan to vary my materials instead of always a black pen & realistic watercolours.

Now that my ‘Keeping a Sketchbook’ course is over I feel more free to experiment, though I did introduce working on a toned ground  in the final week. I enjoyed that variation so much that I kept on with it afterwards. On Monday I seemed to just go with the flow and kept on with the selective colour. The second sketch was done with a sepia Pitt Pen and two colours of red, and the third also with the Pitt Pen and burnt sienna watercolour.

I still have a brand new unused Copic Multiliner in olive green. I’m longing to use it.

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