Bamboo and banksia

On Saturday I got off to a late start. I went to a selective viewing of the Archibald Prize, Sydney’s major portraiture prize, the night before.  As well as looking at the paintings, there was an artists’ talk from Kate Beynon (a finalist) and Lindy Lee (who sat for her). Lindy is a teacher of fine art at Sydney College of the Arts, and a trustee of the Art Gallery of NSW (who gets to vote for the winner). While this was going on, Rocco Fazzari, the Sydney Morning Herald artist, was making a charcoal portrait of Lindy Lee. Though I was listening to the talk, my eyes were on the drawing.

So which paintings did I prefer? Nigel Milsom’s  untitled portrait appealed to me, because it is drawing with a brush, and the strokes are just beautiful. I also liked this one by Robin Eley, which is painted on specially bound books. When I saw it the books were slightly open, and it gave it a more contemporary look than it appears in the picture. I also like the way the story is relevant to his life.

We went for a drink afterwards so it was late enough when I got home & I didn’t get off to an early start. However the day was balmy & gorgeous (bucketing yesterday and today) so we went out sketching anyway. I wanted to try my new GREEN Copic Multi-liner SP pen. I think it worked well, though I want  also to try it with a limited palette as I did with the WINE one. It was a beautiful day in the Botanic Gardens. I’ve wanted to draw the bamboo where they cut it all back because what remains is so visually interesting. However I had to sit back a bit to be in the shade this time. After lunch we went to the area where the Australian native plants are and came across this huge bush of prolifically flowering banksia. This is only a small section of it. It was spectacular.

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  1. kerry brown

    Beautiful, Wendy!

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