EDiM3 – Sketch whatever you like

Yesterday was a revelation as far as sketching opportunities around Birchgrove. We could draw anything we liked for EDiM, so we set out to Ballast Point Park to sketch this blue ship that we see from the ferry to Cockatoo Island. As you can see from this map there are parks all along the foreshore, all with a view of the Harbour Bridge and lots of other beautiful scenery. What I need to check out more closely is how close you can get to where all the ferries are moored. It seems to be a shipyard repair area.

I am SO happy to have sketched the ship. It’s been top of my list for two or three years, however there is no shelter from the sun or wind where we had to sit to sketch it. Luckily a perfect autumn day. We went for lunch at the Willy Wally where we once held an art auction, then we just cruised around the tiny streets in the car till we found a place to stop.

It was difficult to decide what to sketch. Although it is close to where I live (maybe 20 min in the car) I hadn’t sketched there before and there was too much to choose from. Then we came to this little ferry terminal, plonked down our chairs in the middle of the road and started to sketch.


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2 responses to “EDiM3 – Sketch whatever you like

  1. Terrific sketches, Wendy. I love the ship but the Balmain Ferry terminal is my favourite.

  2. Hope you do more of the ship as you’ve sketched it so well. The ferry terminal looks just the thing for a quirky artist to draw … too quaint … and you’ve captured its charm beautifully.

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