EDiM6 Easter Card

EDiM6 ws ‘draw a holiday card’. None of us were quite sure what a holiday card was, because we don’t use that expression here. I guessed, and as I’d received this card for Easter from my friends in Switzerland I decided to sketch that.

I used my Sakura Glaze pens, which create a resist, then finished it with watercolour washes. Unfortunately the Sakura Glaze pens don’t seem to come in earth tones, so I had to work with what I had. They give a slightly raised surface which is shiny seen from some angles. I wasn’t sure how they’d be in a sketchbook – whether they would stick to the opposing page – but they were fine. In fact they dry almost immediately and not really any delay before applying the washes. You can’t ge them in Australia. I bought some from the USA and then Annie gave me some more when she went to Alaska.

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  1. Reblogged this on Stitch Mode and commented:
    Wow I love the painting of the rabbit. Thanks to Quirkyartist for sharing :)

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