EDiM 13 Leaf

I always knew that this part of May was going to be extremely busy, but I’ve managed to keep up with Every Day in May, though unfortunately not to blog every day. This is the first page when you open my sketchbook. It’s been waiting for a drawing since some time in April. I did the background by following a technique in Cathy Johnson‘s workshops for Strathmore Online classes. If you haven’t done these classes, register now. Cathy’s classes are still up there so you can see the videos and print the instructions. There is another series of workshops happening right now, but I’m going to have to think about those in June.

This background was done by spraying watercolour from a small bottle while masking with autumn leaves. I did three layers – two different greens and a apricot-beige colour. It sat there waiting for a leaf to be drawn on it.  The time came on 13th May, when the subject was to ‘draw something breezy’.  It was a sunny chilly very windy morning, so I went up to the park to find some suitable leaves. I had to chase them across the ground in the wind, then I bought myself some nice morning tea and came home to draw in my sunny kitchen. Watercolour pencil.

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2 responses to “EDiM 13 Leaf

  1. Love your breezy light and shadow effects on the autumn leaf, Wendy.

  2. The background is a great idea, and well done. Those turned-up edges on the leaf definitely say “breezy” to me!

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