EDiM16 Seven-eleven with green flashes

EDiM16 was a bittuva disaster.  I had to draw a local shop. After I hopped off the bus from the city I was taking photos with my phone (Android – 11 months old) and it died.  I came home and went to Google Street View and managed to get this image from there.It was what I’d been photographing anyway. It’s a typical Newtown view and it is the 7-11 near the bus stop.

I used orange ink with a dip pen  (materiality) then a little red ink and green ink to get those 7-11 colours. As I was rubbing out some pencil guidelines, somehow a drop of green ink had got onto the table and onto my hand and what you see is what you get. Julia says it’s a green flash. Maybe I should spatter a bit more.

My phone is fixed now but I had to remember how to work the old one for a while.

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2 responses to “EDiM16 Seven-eleven with green flashes

  1. Hi, on the spatter, you should check this out:


    I’ve tried a lot of things, but this is new for me. Hope it works out for you.

    • quirkyartist

      Thanks so much for that link. It is wonderful. I have tried a whole book with pages with wahes or collage but not actually messed up in that way.

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