EDiM22 Draw an ear

Well, ears are just the weirdest things. I was running a day behind at this point so I had to get on with it. I found some photos of ears online, downloaded them & turned them to black and white before I printed them. I felt a bit uninspired by the subject so I decided to turn it into an exercise in tone.  I used my Prismacolour pencils, lots of bright colours, and just matched the tones, without trying in any way to make the colour realistic.

The more I drew, the more I thought how weird ears are.

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One response to “EDiM22 Draw an ear

  1. Ears are weird! I have lately noticed how some people have ears that are attached to their head at both top and bottom. Other people have ear flaps that hang down at the bottom instead of ending at the attachment point. I have this latter type of ear. Well done here, Wendy.

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