EDiM26 Baby buk choy

This one was to draw the ingredients for a recipe. I don’t use recipes very often, so I thought ‘what’s in the fridge’. I’d made a stir-fry the previous¬† evening and I’d bought this baby buk choy (bok choy?) for it. I put it on some white paper on the kitchen table and started to sketch it with the tip of a size 16 round brush. I got the shadows in first, because they move so fast, especially if you multi-task as I do.

This was the day that I realised I’d almost stopped using my pen. Because the Every Day in May objects were mostly done at home, I was in a position to ask myself, ‘what media suits this object best?’ I’ve been trying to use a variety of media, but more often than not its been straight watercolour with a large-ish brush, or else I’ve used a dip pen. I plan to get the conte pastels out soon, but before I do I want to put some transparent gesso down on the page as a ground.

Now June is here I’m not sketching in my sketchbook every day, but I certainly have art projects happening. Someone should start watching his mailbox after this Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend. I’ve had the Gelli plate out and I’ll show you that soon.

Last night I went to VIVID, a festival of lights. (To see the full extent of it, when you take that link, roll your cursor over the blue spiral between the two chandeliers and click on ‘expand the mashup.’) The Museum of Contemporary Art light display was amazing, and of the smaller installations, my favourite was the digital wattle.

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  1. I’ve never eaten bok choy (to my knowledge) and I’ve always wondered what it tastes like. It looks so yummy to me. You’ve painted it beautifully!

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