EDiM28 Mailbox

For some reason this sketch looks rural to me, though it is in the middle of Newtown – that’s 4km from the centre of Sydney.  I’ve drawn it twice before sitting on the steps at the side of the Post Office. This time I’d taught a class in the morning and still had to do my EDiM. I was hoping to sit in the window of the little coffee shop opposite (I’ve never been lucky to get a seat there) but a man was already sitting there reading. It was too cold to stay outside, so I took a photo and came home and did it.

The sun was very bright and catching the side of the mailbox and in the photo it was a deep yellow/orange colour. I wonder if I would have painted it that colour if I’d done it on site.

Today is the Sunday of a public holiday weekend (Queen’s Birthday) and I’m going to stay home all day and do exactly as I please. I think it might involve some sketching. I watched a little bit of the Queen’s jubilee celebrations on tv. The bit that brought a lump to my throat were the singers – singing their hearts out in the rain. Cornish fishermen singing a sea shanty, then classical girl singers with the London Symphony Orchestra in their black dresses with their long hair wet with rain, singing Land of Hope and Glory.

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One response to “EDiM28 Mailbox

  1. The cafe sounds busy; I’ll bet they have great food. Love the mailbox, shaped slightly differently than ours here in the States. The Queen’s celebrations sound wonderful. I’m going to see if I can find them on tv here.

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