EDiM29 – Somewhere I hadn’t been

King Street Newtown is an extremely long shopping street and full of cafes and restaurants. The day I drew this, I’d hurt my back and had to have some treatment at the physio. I’ve been in most of the cafes, but as I walked back down the road I felt sure that eventually I’d find a cafe I had not been in before. Eventually I found Fringe Cafe. I think it hasn’t been there long – these places keep changing. I sketched out a bit of an interior view, but then decided it was too time consuming and I didn’t feel up to it. All along the window ledges were these very small buckets with herbs. I liked the way the light fell on them, and how the plant was lit from behind, so I rubbed out my previous pencil lines and did this instead.

This is my 2nd last EDiM. (I didn’t do 31st as the subject didn’t inspire me and I was already running a day late).

Yesterday for the 2nd day in a row, it bucketed with rain. I haven’t poked my nose outside the door for two days now. The time was well spent, because I cut the cover boards for two books, and the cover paper. The covers for my giveaway book are completely finished, so there’s only the punching of the holes and the stitching to do. It has paste paper covers (pulled style) of golden yellow with a little olive green.

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2 responses to “EDiM29 – Somewhere I hadn’t been

  1. What a lovely little herb sketch. I too like the light. You often use art words that I haven’t a clue as to their meaning. Paste paper covers…Just sounds interesting to me.

  2. That bucket really glows! You caught the light, for sure! Glad to hear you’ve been so productive and hope your world is all dry now!

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