One post closer and something totally different

Well, this is something different from me. You get to look at me and listen. This video was made a couple of months ago and has now been edited. I made it for Matisse Derivan using their Flow acrylics and Open Medium. Eliza made the gelatine plates for me.  It seems easy enough though, and Eliza made a video showing you how. I’ve never made one myself as I have the Gelli plate.

We had fun making this video and it was easy for me. Not long before Annie and I had done Gelli plate printing  at the Easter Show. We had workshopped all day with children of all  ages, so having done that in the not too distant past, it just rolled off the tongue. That said, I dislike looking at myself on screen and dislike listening to myself even more.

Nevertheless, gelatine plate printing is something I’d meant to so for years. When I read about the Gelli plates, I bought one immediately, as otherwise I might never have got round to it.  If you want to give this technique a try, look at the Gelli Arts Blog which I think is the best arts supplier blog in the business. They have so many wonderful ideas and techniques there. Another excellent resource is Linda Germain’s blog.

As for the countdown to the giveaway…. we are getting close to single figures. To be honest I’ve lost count, but WordPress reminds me every time I post.

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4 responses to “One post closer and something totally different

  1. Ruth Bosveld

    Wendy, we homeschool. My children and I have been sitting watching your video, enthralled. Thanks so much for sharing your technique in this way. Ruth

  2. ‘Enthralled’ is a great description, that’s what I was too. Great natural talent on the video, Wendy matched with excellent production values. The two camera coverage is very classy. Can’t wait to make my gelli plate.

  3. Wendy, that was delightful! You are so natural, and your voice is lovely. I’ve had my gelli plate for months and never used it. Now I’m very much encouraged. Maybe for my Weird, Wild, Wonderful offerings. Just remembered today too, it was you who got me blogging years ago, so thank you for that. Carol

  4. I totally agree with Carol, Wendy. Not to mention your hair color is stunning. Loved watching this printmaking process.

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