New Guinea Impatiens

Continuing with the 75 day sketch challenge I decided to draw the pot plant that is sitting on my kitchen table. It is a New Guinea Impatiens that my friend Isabelle gave me for my birthday back in the summer. I really love it and especially the white container which is exactly to my taste.

She gave me strict instructions that I was to put it outside in the day and bring inside every night. I’ve been very good about it till now. It is so icy cold outside that I am keeping it on the kitchen table where it gets some sun but not the icy wind. Isabelle, by the way, is getting some sun in America, so she’s not here to check up on me.

The flower is pink and though the leaves are green the big veins and the stems have a pink colour also. One or two of the leaves are orange so it was a big temptation to use colour. However in keeping with my goal of using ONLY ink,  I decided to use Matisse Carmine ink. As I have the whole range, I did get out the Deep Red and the Magenta as well, and thought of varying the reds.  In the end I decided to stick witht he Carmine. Oh, and I used a dip pen.

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3 responses to “New Guinea Impatiens

  1. I too like the container and the plant itself not only looks beautiful in the drawing, it sounds beautiful in reality too. I tried a dip pen drawing the other day. Alas for my lack of drawing skills.

  2. Beautiful botanical sketch, Wendy. You’re very skilful with the dip pen. I’m more than a little envious of the whole range of Matisse inks!

  3. Ruth Bosveld

    I did Brenda’s challenge, too. It’s a terrific idea. I love my Artistic License!

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