Sketchcrawl in the QVB

The Queen Victoria Building is a huge renovated Victorian  building right in the middle of Sydney with three levels of shopping. That was the venue for the 36th Worldwide Sketchcrawl on Saturday. It was a beautiful day again. I love the sun. I wasn’t able to take part in the whole sketchcrawl but I also couldn’t bear the idea of bypassing it completely.

I sat in a cafe in the QVB to draw something I could see from there. I chose this old-fashioned lamp. I was killing two birds with one stone and doing Day 6 of the 75 day sketch challenge, so it was pen only.  I DO think this 75 day challenge is so worthwhile, because I’m just as happy with this lamp and its ellipses as if I’d done it in pencil first.

For my giveaway, we’re getting down into the smaller numbers now. Today – I think I’d better pay my bills, so I might not get time to sketch. We’ll see.

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2 responses to “Sketchcrawl in the QVB

  1. What a delightful lamp! I haven’t seen one like it before. A perfect subject for an ink drawing, to my mind. Lends it an air of long ago, just as the fixture itself does the same. Beautiful job, Wendy.

  2. The lamp is beautiful, Wendy. Trying to place it in QVB. I’ll have to go and look for it on my next excursion there.

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