Protea in Copic Multiliner

I’m not sketching as much as I’d like at the moment. On Friday I bought myself a big bunch of Australian wildflowers because I knew somehow I would find the time to sketch them.  I’ve drawn a protea before, in watercolour pencil, which is far more suitable for that particular flower, but this time I’m doing pen only. I used Copic Multiliners in wine, olive and brown. I think it worked out quite well though a bit of yellow around the edge of the petals would be nice. The protea is an African flower, but somehow gets lumped in with Australian native plants.

I’m longing to do all these flowers in colour, as I did last year around this time. It’s a bunch pretty much like this. When I draw the whole bunch, maybe I will scan it and then put some colour on afterwards. I did them in colour, singly last year also. That’s what I’m longing to be doing now, but I’m sticking to the pen – for the moment.



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3 responses to “Protea in Copic Multiliner

  1. Amazing what you can do with just those colours. Really lovely. I’m pleased to hear you bought yourself a bunch of natives – I think that’s one of the most uplifting things to do. I occasionally do it myself and they are just stunning. They’ll give you drawing subjects for ages.

  2. Well I really love the pen version, Wendy. Maybe it is the purple of the petals, I don’t know. But that watercolor version of the whole bunch you did last year is beautiful.

  3. Ruth Bosveld

    You’ve done a great job with the limits you’ve set.

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