It’s 500 posts today.

Today’s the day. This is the 500th post. This is the giveaway book which I will post to the winner. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before Friday 8am Sydney time. I will number all the comments and cut them up and draw one number out of a ‘hat’.  You need tobe sure I have a way to get in touch with you.

The book is a handmade coptic bound book of seven signatures. Each signature has 2 folios (folded pieces of paper).It is just over 7.5 inches square. It has hard covers with my own paste paper. There is a round indent on the front cover  and  if the winner wishes I will glue on this medallion before I send it. Otherwise you can attach something of your own.

This book was designed for drawing on toned paper. As you see I have gone from light coloured pages  at the front to dark at the back. That is so that when you have one colour on one side and the next on the other side, there isn’t too much difference in tonal value.

I did some sketches with black pen and a white Prismacolour pencil on a toned ground at Cockatoo Island earlier in the year. That was when I decided I needed a book like this.

Nearly all the paper is Canson Mi-Teintes. However, there are two folios of Fabriano Hot Press watercolour paper. I felt that there are some occasions when you really need to use white paper, and its best to have that in the book you are carrying with you.

I will draw the winner at 8am on Friday 27th July Sydney time and you can find out what that is here. We probably get to Friday before you do, so if it is Friday at your place, unless you are in New Zealand, you’ve probably missed the deadline. Good luck!

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16 responses to “It’s 500 posts today.

  1. Count me in for the drawing. The book is beautiful. I always love to use hand-made journals whenever possible. :)

  2. The book is beautiful. thanks for the chance to touch it!

  3. Ruth Bosveld

    I enjoy painting on toned paper, so I would really love your book.

  4. Totally gorgeous Wendy! Really kind of you to give this lovely book away.
    I’d fill it with drawings and treasure it.

  5. Linda

    Wow! 500 Posts…when you started out did you ever think you would reach that many? You have outdone yourself on this book, it is absolutely stunning. My fingers are itching to feel it…and I’m sure that it will be loved regardless of where it travels.

  6. Congratulations, Wendy, 500 posts is a great milestone. Now for the next 500. The book is lovely and a wonderful give-away, and I know everyone in the running would be thrilled to get it. As Linda says, it will be loved regardless of where it goes.

  7. Sonia

    I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your great sketches. I have been eagerly awaiting the 500th and would love to be in the draw for your book.

  8. It is a fabulous give away gift to celebrate your 500th post, Wendy. And? It is gorgeous!

  9. Dee Person

    What a treasure this book would be to win! You’ve done a beautiful job on it!

  10. Ethna

    Thankyou for all your posts, Wendy, and also for the chance to win this lovely, elegant hand-made book.

  11. Kathy Dickerson

    Oh Hooray! I am a loyal fan and happy to be in your drawing. I love your posts, the artwork and comments, thanks for taking the time to do it.
    I am a budding watercolorist looking for a lovely book to continue the artist’s journey.
    Yours from the sunny shores of Indianola on Puget Sound, Washington state, USA

  12. What a lovely book! The winner will be delighted!

  13. Lynne Florig-Beck

    Beautiful book !!!

  14. Congratulations! Love your work and your blog. ¡Saludos desde Puerto Rico!

  15. Julia Featherstone

    Wendy your books are fabulous… I’d love to be the name that comes out of the hat!!

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