Banksia in Tombows

This is different type of banksia. I did it with the fine end of Tombow pens. Of course, the fine end of a Tombow is not as fine as the Copic Multiliner (or Pigma Micron, Artline etc). It achieves what I’m trying to avoid for the purposes of this 75 day challenge – using the colour to add tone. I prefer to use fine lines rather than blocks of colour for the present. That said, it turned out OK. I love the way the leaves spiral around the flower, and I think I’ll sketch another one with the Copic Multiliners one day soon.

If you haven’t yet entered the book giveaway, please do. You have to comment on the 500th post, not this one. Large numbers of people were looking at my blog last weekend, so maybe we have a lot of weekend bloggers, because strangely numbers are down this week. Chances are all the better for those who have commented.  I’m not going to extend the time because I have a house guest arriving on Friday and I want to have this all sorted before he comes.

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3 responses to “Banksia in Tombows

  1. Ruth Bosveld

    Wow. This is great.

  2. Very lifelike. I just love this Banksia and you’ve really done it justice.

  3. This reminds me of an acorn that has fallen smack dab into the center of these leaves and landed upside down. I love it, Wendy!

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