Gelli Brights

Though I haven’t been sketching much lately, I have been making cards with my Gelli prints. Many of the ones I’ve made previously have been on top of recycled etchings or other types of fine art prints. I made quite a number framed by white and cream (the eco dyed ones for example) so I decided I needed more brights. As it happens, the ones I chose to photograph this time are Gelli printed only.

The first one has been printed with a capsicum (green pepper) and some sewing cotton. It has some glorious colours in there, and of course I don’t have a clue what colours I used. Perhaps some Matisse Primary Red which is quite a blue-red.

The second one is with a commercially available stencil and  another layer with some sewing cotton. There is a layer of yellow, some red, then some blue. I’ve noticed that I often use the three primary colours for Gelli printing.  This one has some yellow, a warmer red, and some  blue. I often use Matisse Southern Ocean Blue. I love that colour.

The third card uses the same colours, but could it be more different? It’s a combination of fruit and vegetable bags from the greengrocer.

Number four with the purple border is just gorgeous ‘in the flesh’.  There’s some orange there, some magenta, and a colour that could be Australian Yellow Green. (All these colours are Matisse Flow, used about 50/50 with Matisse Open Medium.)  This one is capsicum again, with I think lemons in a pale colour underneath. There are some filmy capsicums in iridescent on top.

The final one is a yellow first layer with sewing cotton, then lemons with green, followed by a stamp with a capsicum in Southern Ocean Blue.

They all have colour coordinated envelopes in brights that contrast with the main colour of the card.

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7 responses to “Gelli Brights

  1. Gosh, Wendy, these are just stunning. I still haven’t used my Gelli pad, every time I see your prints I think I must DO it!

  2. They all look delicious, Wendy. I particularly love the lemon print.

  3. Ruth Bosveld

    I’ve made my Gelli pad. It’s in the freezer. We have to get to it, also!

  4. Each of these is just exquisite, true works of art, Wendy!! Please do bottle up some of your energy and send it to me, ok?? LOL I was so tired last night I went to bed at 7:00 p.m.!

  5. Definitely intend getting one of these Gelli pads!

  6. Your works are very colorful and vibrant. I especially love the textures and play with patterns. Beautiful and lovely work.

  7. feganart

    These prints just knocked my proverbial socks off! Gorgeous, beautiful,organic….I love them! Doris

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