The Pipes Book – a work in progress

pipes_p1Some time ago I began a book especially for sketches of pipes.  The book is here along with the sketches I did a year or so ago. I have moved away from my plan to do all the pipes grey except for where there was paintwork.  At Cockatoo Island on Easter Saturday I noticed that mostly the pipes were rusty, and though I don’t intend to always follow that, I have introduced that colour.

I layered some of the rusty pipes along behind the original ones to pull the whole thing together and carry the sketches from page to page in my concertina book. One pipe  below the yellowish one that hasn’t had colour yet. The concertina has ten pages, and this is five of them, so I am half-way there. The trick will be to leave the right amount of white space.


We just had time before catching the ferry back to Circular Quay to go into the Industrial Precinct and sketch another machine. This one reminded me of a sewing machine but I’m sure its not.

Cockatoo Island was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it before with people everywhere, and many many campers and more tents than I have ever seen before. Sadly, one of the campers never made it back to the mainland, after falling from a cliff overnight.

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5 responses to “The Pipes Book – a work in progress

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    Your pipes are awesome, Wendy! And your machines amongst the finest too. Where do you get your energy? You are always on the go!

  2. Love your pipes. What a clever idea.

  3. Steve (lib vol)

    Thank you. Your pipes and machines reaffirm my faith that there is room for all kinds of art in this world.
    Steve Moore
    Boca Raton, FL, USA

  4. This is a great idea for a concertina book! I love the way your pipes follow on – and I think you are getting the white space just right. I hadn’t heard about the accident at Cockatoo – how sad.

  5. Great look to the pipes!!! This last one does look similar to a sewing machine. lol

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