The Europe Notebooks

Photo 27-07-13 11 14 49 AMJust before I went to Bali recently, I made two tiny notebooks. One for Broni, one for me. They were for writing down things like phone numbers, exchange rates, things like that. They were so useful that we pretty much filled them up. Well, when you’re working in millions of rupiah, all those zeros take up a lot of space.

We decided that we would need new ones for Europe, and that they would need to be a bit bigger. We will have train times to write down, a few more hotel phone numbers, and besides that, the trip goes on a lot longer. So, these new ones are A6 size, and the structure is a concertina with a signature sewn into each valley fold. They are stitched with pamphlet stitch, and a band of paper has been threaded through the stitching on the spine and glued into the cover to stop the concertina unfolding. The covers and endpapers are made from credit card papers.

We will be off at the end of the month…….Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Thailand. Send me a message if you want to catch up.

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2 responses to “The Europe Notebooks

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    Oh my goodness! I’m having trip envy! I hope you and Broni have a blast, Wendy. Love these books and could use a course on how to make them. The one I did take was a good start but I’d like to learn more. Your books are absolutely exquisite as I know from first hand experience!!

  2. Love your books Wendy. I will need to look again for your video on credit card papers!

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