A Paste Paper Day

This week we had a paste yellow_blue_pastepaper day. It was the first for over two years, and we had to get back in the swing of it. Julia came, and Annie, and we each made some paste at home the night before. It was a first forpaste_teal Julia. Annie and I had done it many times before but neither of us could remember which recipe we used to cook the paste. Both of us used a different recipe and got different results. Julia used a third method.

My aim for the day was to make some good ‘pulled’ paste papers. This is done by putting two wet pieces of paste paper face together and pressing them down with your hands so that thred_green_pastee paint transferred from each one to the other. Somehow we had a bit of trouble with getting interesting ones, whereas , beginners’ luck,tulip_paste we used to get wonderful ones in the past. The first pair of papers here are done this way, but the results weren’t the wonderful mossy marks we are used to getting. Maybe the paste was a little thin.

Later in the day, Annie made a great one by using a slightly larger sheet and folding it back on itself, giving the intricate patterns seen in the green-and-red and the blue-and-yellow-and green. These are my papers, made using this method. We were using slightly thicker paste by this time.

silver_pasteThe last job of the day for me, late in the day given it is winter, was a final coat of silver on top of many coats on a paper I wasn’t happy with. Looking good. now!

One thing we learnt from the day,was that the papers done on thicker paper seemed to work out the best. It can’t be too thick, because it then can’t be used to cover book boards. Watercolour paper is both too thick and too absorbent. We used a lot of different papers including 110gsm cartridge paper. The very best paper, we got from a paper warehouse that has since closed down and of course we can’t get it any more.

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2 responses to “A Paste Paper Day

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    You are always working in mediums that I just haven’t seen nor heard of before, Wendy. I sure could use some of your energy! Mind shipping a bit of it over my way? I was instantly reminded of the grooves made in the type of paste used to lay tiles and troweled down with the serrated edge.

  2. What a great day you all had! I find that the same thing happens to me when I think I remember how I got a great result but then nothing works the same way next time. Still nice results, though, and they’ll be lovely for covers. Shame about the paper being no longer available. I think that’s the story of the paper artist’s life, I certainly hear it often from marblers.

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