Collaborative works, ten years apart.

wendy_portrait_800As a January project I volunteered to join a collaborative portrait project as part of the SW Games Facebook Group. I had expected my section to contain a nostril, or a section of chin, but as you see what I got was far more complex.   I used watercolour and my NEW purple Copic Multiliner pen.

Apacezannert from the Rome Map we did recently, I haven’t done this type of project since 2004. My final year painting class at the Sydney Gallery School, Meadowbank did a collaborative version of a Cezanne still life. And here it is!

My section (A4 size) was part of the dark inviteunderneath the table. I did it in oils with acrylic underpainting. Many glazes. It was chosen by the other students for the invitation for our exhibition. Luckily these images were still hanging around on my computer.

So, this January 2014 collaborative project is MUCH more complex that the one ten years earlier. I haven’t the foggiest what the image will be like when it is all revealed.  It will be any day now, and I will show you.


Filed under Copic Multiliner, oils, sketching, watercolour

3 responses to “Collaborative works, ten years apart.

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    I think this is such a unique concept and I love seeing how these come out all together. Love that top painting, Wendy. Has me fascinated!

  2. I love your section! All of those wonderful metal objects look fabulous. Just curious about you use of the Copic marker. Did you draw with it and then paint?

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