The Art of Perspective – Book Review


We were talking about perspective. If there is one book about perspective you have to have it is is this one. In fact if you don’t want any art books at all, I still say you need two. The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are, and this one, The Art of Perspective: The Ultimate Guide for Artists in Every Medium

After my art training at the Sydney Gallery School, I’m up to speed with perspective. I might not get it right every time, but I sure do know when it’s wrong. Last year I was asked to extend my sketchbook course to some extra weeks, so one of the subjects I thought I should have notes on, was perspective. (I give notes for all my classes). Oh, so one-point,2-point, 3-perspective, ellipses…..yes, what else? So I got a bunch of books from the library to see how writers structured writing about perspective, and I found this GEM. This book is suitable for any media. Perspective is across everything.

In another life I’m an acrylic painting teacher. What I found in this book was example after example of the things I explain constantly to my students. Things not to be found in other books. The book is broken up into three sections

  • Natural Perspective
  • Linear Perspective
  • Linear Perspective (special problems)

The Linear Perspecive (1,2,3 etc) was what I expected to find in a perspective book but this book has so much more. Buy THIS book, not any other. I had an earlier book by the same author but this one is far superior. It is the ┬áNatural Perspective section that makes it really stand out….for any landscape painter or urban sketcher.

Just looking at my copy right now, I have a yellow sticky in the page about ‘distant hills’, something I am constantly explaining to my students. Another is in the page about advancing and receding colours. It is a wonderful teaching aid for any medium. With this book, I can not only explain, but show an example. It has all manner of useful information, such as ‘What affects a cast shadow’. You see what I mean? You need this book.

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  1. CrimsonLeaves

    You’ve convinced me, Wendy! I just ordered it.

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