Sketching in purple

st_andrewsYes, sketching in purple again at the Urban Sketchers February Event on Saturday. I do like to vary the colour I use. It was a hot morning when we met on the steps of Sydney Town Hall. Sketchers scattered for the patches of shade before beginning.

My first sketch was the north door of St Andrews Cathedral. A few sketchers ended up there, because we could be in the shade and there was some light falling on parts of the door. We were surrounded by interesting buildings but not so many fitted the bill for light and shade.

For the n149_yorkext sketch we crossed the road and perched on our stools right next to one of the busiest intersections in Sydney. We sat back in the entrance of Citibank, otherwise we would have been run down by pedestrians. A myriad of wonderful rooflines to explore, hampered only by buses blocking our view when they stopped at the lights.

I enjoyed this sketching because I’ve still got in mind that these buildings are Inma Serrano’s monsters….a bit more organic that I would have done in the past. I think I can go a bit more organic yet.

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One response to “Sketching in purple

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    I always love your sketches, Wendy. I think they are wonderful!

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