Portrait Quilt finito

portrait_quilt_finitoI showed you my section of a collaborative project a little while ago. Here’s the finished project with all parts complete, beautifully put together by Amanda Lee Condict who ran the project and chose the image as well. If you click on the image, you will see whose is whose listed below. Mine is around the middle. If you would like to see the original of this painting it is here.

As I said in my previous post, what I got in my square was totally unexpected. I had expected a portrait to be a face, or head and shoulders. Instead I got quite a complex little square (as did everyone else) with two faces, and creepy little ones they were too.

Norman Rockwell is not an artist who is on my radar. I am vaguely aware of him, and know that he did magazine covers. Oh I see… here… it is a puzzle! No wonder it was confusing. It says in Wikipedia that his work is popular in the United States. However¬† he is not really talked about here. He seems to me to be an illustrator rather than a painter, but what would I know.¬† I guess I am old enough to remember those magazine covers, but he is not an artist you would see in a gallery in Australia or whose work would be studied here.

Anyway it gave us all a workout with the level of detail we had to complete.

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One response to “Portrait Quilt finito

  1. CrimsonLeaves

    This one came together seamlessly! I am truly awed by this piece and like it much more than the gardens piece that was done last time. So full of interest all the way through!!

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