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Maritime Museum

Carpentaria 2We went to Darling Harbour near the Maritime Museum on Saturday with the Sydney Sketch Meetup group.  It was a perfect day – 22 degrees. Maybe winter will be over soon. This is my third drawing and the one I’m happiest with.

With my first drawing I went straight in with the pen and the proportions weren’t correct. But once you’ve done those pen strokes, you Carpentaria 1have to go with it. So the next drawings I made some rudimentary marks to get the proportions correct before I drew.This red one took 45 minutes. A lot of that time was in putting on more and more red. The ship was bright glowing vermilion.

This drawing was from the other side of the same ship and it was done before the redder one. I experimented with a new Tombow pen I’d bought on Friday. I want to use my Tombow pens in this sketchbook, but I needed a pale grey for the shadow.  I did the drawing in pen with grey Tombow first, then added colour.
BarekiThe Bareki was actually the first  drawing of the day, and the one when I learnt that with ships, it was best to put pencil proportions in first. I will try to draw it again one day soon. I have drawn a few ships in the last 12 months or so and they are more difficult than they look.

Some months ago I bought this book Painting & Drawing Boats and I can really recommend it. In fact anything by Moira Huntly I have three of hers now.


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My big sunglasses have creamy semi-transparent frames. At this time of the year, when the sun is low in the sky, it gets inside the frames and the light flares. Raybans again for me next time. Yes, those colours really were in the shadows.


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Organised chaos – Kitchen Sink

Organised chaos(today’s challenge) is the kitchen bench waiting for me to do the dishes. The breakfast dishes are in the sink,. but the coffee pot and the plastics are still on the bench. I couldn’t finish the dishes until I had captured the way the light was falling on the things on the bench. The red plastic dishes are the cats’ dishes. The green ginger jar holds my teabags. I finally did the dishes and rushed out to see the Archibald Prize exhibition.


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This is Day Nine of Every Day in May and I’m still drawing. Today is ‘draw your watch’.

I prefer the one with the black face but it is old and scratched and sometimes stops. That’s why I have two. I only wear a Swatch now because I became allergic to the metal on the back of my old watches.

They stopped making the one with the black face and I was really sad about that.

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Fish Sauce

I chose this bottle of fish sauce for the graphic qualities of the red label against the nearly black sauce. And not too much complications to draw on the label either!
Ayam Brand is an Indonesian brand. Ayam means chicken. I was surprised how much of their stuff I have. I do love Asian food, particularly Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.
I stamped it with my chop that I had carved in 1982 at a Hangzhou Calligraphers’ Guild. Unfortunately though I have two lots of ink, they have dried up and I need more.


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Wax Matches holder

My parents were great chucker-outers so I have no childhood stuff. But somehow I ended up with this that belonged to my grandfather. Everyone (not only the family) called my grandmother and grandfather ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ so that’s how come the caption.

I was going to draw a few more things but I went out today and found out about a death of a someone I thought a lot of, some time ago. Nobody had thought to tell me till now, so not in the right frame of mind to draw.


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