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My big sunglasses have creamy semi-transparent frames. At this time of the year, when the sun is low in the sky, it gets inside the frames and the light flares. Raybans again for me next time. Yes, those colours really were in the shadows.


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I bought this little lamp in Suva on one of my long holidays staying with a friend who was living there at the time.I guess it originally comes from India. I thought it would be fun to draw and it was.

My friend would be at work, and when I wasn’t swimming in the pool at the Fiji Club (and pressing the buzzer set into the palm tree for a drink) I’d be combing all the Indian shops in the town.


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Post Box

It was supposed to rain all weekend. I woke up Saturday morning and it was raining. By mid-morning it was beautiful – really hot. I decided to go out for a while and draw a postbox for the Urban Sketchers’ weekly challenge. I planned on sitting in the window of a cafe in a side street beside the local post office . When I got there it was bursting at the seams – all the cafes were full. Newtown is a place where everyone goes for coffee or out for breakfast on an unexpectedly beautiful  Saturday.

Instead, I sat on the steps to the back entrance of the Post Office, on the same side of the street as the post box. I was in the full sun and I’ve got sunburn marks to prove it.  In the end it drove me away and I went home to put the colour on.  Those same two guys were still sitting in MY seat in the window of the cafe opposite.


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In the churchyard near my house

Blogging TWICE in one day. Yes it’s true. I have to catch up with the photos that are on Flickr and get them onto my blog. When I catch up, and I’m nearly there, they’ll go on the blog first, then Flickr

Tonight I’m going to be up late because the house is so hot. It was 39 degrees today (102). It’s cooler outside now, but the house is still like an oven.

This historic churchyard is just across a small park from my house. I have never drawn it before, so I decided Sunday morning was the day. I was up there about 8 am and sitting on a huge block of stone that may have once been a gravestone. It was already very very hot, and there was a two-foot square stone tub of water beside my feet with a plastic dog bowl beside it. (This area is renowned for dogs). Two smallish dogs came rushing up and both plunged into this small tub of water and went happily round and round in circles. I wish I’d photographed them for my sketchbook.

This monument was donated to ‘the people of Erskineville (a nearby suburb) by E W Molesworth. The writing on the other side was too degraded for me to read it. Aha! Mentioned here It was once a decorative water fountain.


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Rozelle Bay

I went drawing with Alissa and Liz two weeks ago today on a very hot day. The map in the second spread shows where we walked in the hot hot sun. We met at the Light Rail and it wasn’t easy to find. Then we walked right round the bay to the Heritage Shipyard. Unfortunately, even though it was quite early there was no shade, so we walked back. We sat in a little pavilion for a while – looked at some sketching books and at Liz’s beautiful Remains of the Day book. Then we drew. Very fast drawing with my new Copic pen that I like very much. Nibs are changeable so I have got a finer one since.This is with an 0.5, and I have changed it for an 0.2. I love this pen. I was with Liz and Alissa and I know they draw faster than me, so I really went for it. Peerless watercolours and a bit of paste paper.  And a smidgin of Calligrafun.

This is all our drinks with lunch, using my ZIG pen. I like the colour of this pen, but it is scratchy and bleedy and I don’t like it much at all. Still on the hunt for a good sepia pen. Again I drew fast because there was very little space on the table and the food was coming.

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Dinghies at Iron Cove

I’ve been going swimming at a pool complex about 20 minutes’ drive from my place. I go early in the morning, so when I leave, it’s still early. If I drive down the hill I come to this little park along the foreshore. I saw these boats tied up to the jetty back before Christmas but the weather hadn’t been good, so I hadn’t been back. This is the first page of my sketchbook which I started back in November and I’d been looking for a while for something suitable to go on the blue background and to go around the block where  I’d put my name and address. This one was done with my new Copic Multiliner pen (love it!) with the 0.5 nib, Peerless watercolours, and lots of white Prismacolour.

I went back another day to draw more dingies. They seem simple, but they’re the funniest shape. I’ve ordered a book from England that I hope will help me. I’ll let you know how it is when it arrives.

And yippee, I’ve got a laptop again, and I can blog on comfort, instead of sitting in the spare room instead of sitting in the spare room gazing at the wall.


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